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CocoaPlanter Hot Chocolate Mix is a Best-in-Class hot chocolate mix available. No added fat. No Added Sugar. No Artificial Sugars. No Artificial Additives.

Yes you can, but we recommend dairy or plant milk (almond milk or oats milk) if you want alternatives for dairy. The chocolate buttons in the mix taste best when melted in milk.

If you order today, you will get the stock from our latest batch of the production.

No, this product need not be refrigerated. Store in cool, dry place away from direct Sunlight.

There is 33% added sugar in this mix. So no need to add extra sugar when making the drink.

Yes, you can sprinkle the chocolate powder on your coffee.

We usually ship the same day or the very next day after receiving an order. Currently, we do not have a Prime option. But will enable Prime delivery in the near future. Thank you for bearing with the inconvenience.

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